Grant Redden Studios


Grant Redden was born and raised in southwest Wyoming working on the family ranch raising sheep and cattle.  Horses were an integral part of the operation including camp horses, pack strings, and draft horses to pull camps and feed livestock in heavy winters.  Naturally, they are a major part of his art.  Grant believes these animals have their own personalities and characteristics which should come out in each painting; he uses no formulas.

Grant always had a bug to paint; he naturally looks to the landscape, the animals, and the western people as subjects for his creative impulse.  His parents were from pioneering stock – his mother was born in a log cabin on the Henry’s Fork of the Green River in southwest Wyoming to a homesteading family and attended a one-room school house until high school. Her family was fiercely independent and self-reliant.  His father’s family was among the first pioneers to settle in Utah in the 1800’s.  With this background, Grant developed a strong attachment to the land and the life and an interest in history.  He feels fortunate to have the chance to build his home and raise his family on 120 acres of their summer pasture land and dedicate himself to painting what he knows. 

Primarily self-taught, he had the opportunity to be mentored by many generous living masters and studies the work of deceased masters such as Sargent, Sorolla, Zorn, Von Zugel, and many others.  After earning a B.S. in Economics at Utah State University, Grant became a real estate appraiser, but was painting at every opportunity.  “If I wasn’t painting, I was thinking about painting.”  After doing the appraiser thing for 10 years, squeezing in as much painting as possible, Grant went full time as an artist in 1997.  He worked to get gallery representation and join local and regional shows, was a guest artist to NWR for several years before being voted in as a member in 2010, where he has since been awarded two Awards of Merit in their annual exhibition.  In 2012, Grant was voted in as a member of the Cowboy Artists of America, the oldest artists group in the world, and a premier organization in the western art world.  His first exhibition with the CAA was in 2013 where he was awarded the Gold Medal for Oil Painting and the Silver Medal for Watercolor Painting.  In 2014, Grant again was awarded the Gold Medal for Oil Painting in the CAA show.  In 2016, Grant received the Stetson Award for the best group of paintings, voted by the CAA artists, as well as another Gold Medal for Oil Painting.  In 2017, Grant received his fourth Gold Medal for Oil Painting, as well as the Anne Marion Best in Show award.

Grant was featured in the Art of the West magazine in 2013, and in Western Art Collector July 2017 issue

Grant's Galleries

Legacy Gallery

Legacy Gallery has galleries in Scottsdale and Santa Fe, though Grant's art is showcased exclusively in Scottsdale.

Maxwell Alexander Gallery

Maxwell Alexander Gallery is located in Los Angeles California, this gallery also showcases Grant's son's art.

Mockingbird Gallery

Mockingbird Gallery is located in Bend Oregon and holds twenty five of his paintings.

Simpson Gallagher Gallery

Simpson Gallagher Gallery is located in Cody Wyoming and is one of the first galleries Grant's work was showcased in.

Wilcox Gallery

Wilcox Gallery has two locations in Jackson Hole Wyoming where you can connect to fine art from fifty of the most well known artists in western art.

WoodRiver Fine Arts Gallery

Woodriver Fine Arts Gallery is located in the Sawtooth Mountain Range of South-Central Idaho, the Gallery is named for the Wood River Valley.